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Look no means no. I have food allergies. My family particularly my mother knows this. And the woman is annoying and worse. (She is and she has earned my ire. She will not change and she refuses to admit she’s abusive. So I am going to have a shorter fuse with her. It is not unexpected nor is it unfair.) I’m allergic to every grain known unto man. Period. I can’t be breathe in or consume things from the nightshade plants (potatoes, tomatoes, tobacco). That basically translates into I can’t eat Italian food. EVER. And Mom makes reservations at an Italian place. Thanks. Go without me. Besides, I cook better than most if not all restaurants anyway. I am currently eating gumbo I made. (sans tomato sauce…I used bell peppers instead.)

Now I have been trying to make a bootable clone of my hard drive. It has been a colossal waste of time. It has not worked. It is waking me up when I have been dreaming of the sexiest man ever. That should give you an idea of how aggravated I have been. (I suspect he is aggravated to boot. I pick up on these things and it does influence my mood.)

I did not get any caffeine in me. I am at my third ½ glass of wine. I don’t drink that much. So my irritation should be obvious at this point. I loaded my gumbo with more red pepper. (Let me assure you the it’s too oily, it’s too spicy, we can’t handle it…well then YOU do the fucking cooking, why don’t you. Don’t complain to ME about it…just gets to me.) I have HAD it. Having an electronic device give me the finger over the course of months just angers me.

I’m being uncooperative when I act like YOU do all the time? Really? It’s acceptable for you but not for ME? Who came up with these rules? All because being shouted at with YO! annoys me…and I actually said so for once. But I'm being uncivil and therefore unfit for company. So when I decide I'm not fit for company you try to get me to go anyway after you choose the one sort of restaurant I CAN'T EAT IN EVERN! Passive aggressive much?!! (Yes, I'm actually angry about this. Because obviously it is ALL MY fault as normal.) I don’t have hard of hearing problems like you do. I could hear you just fine. I just despise being babbled at and the skin infection annoys me more. Can’t you just be quiet and leave me alone, please? No, you need constant attention. (And I wonder where my sister gets it from?) I put holes in my tongue on a regular basis. If what went through my head came out of my mouth I would be abused even more. I just learned to keep that shit to myself.

I’m supposed to be well behaved, but you can be a colossal bitch? How is that ok? I typically don’t sound off on this crap but after having an electronic device flip me the bird, hell yes I’m pissed.


hopefully the hard drive will clone, I will be able to put the shitter in my computer and be done with this and get down to work again. But really.....you are a passive aggressive sociopathic (at best) evil, selfish, dishonest bitch. I know you don't understand how you managed to get an honorable (for the most part), honest, child. Anyway, go screw your selfish self.

Yes, I am totally annoyed however it is not without cause. I am now on 1.5-2 glasses of wine. I need to take my MSM. I still want to slap the woman upside the head. How did I end up being her daughter?


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